ICU Physicians

Attending ICU MD's

Intensivists have advanced training/certification and experience in diagnosing and treating critical illness and injury. These doctors help to coordinate care and are particularly skilled in treatment of critical health problems such as shock (severe heart and circulatory failure), respiratory failure (severe breathing problems), hemorrhage (severe bleeding problems), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and many others. They are also highly skilled in procedures commonly performed in the ICU setting. The Intensivist is an expert in use of high technology medical equipment such as Ventilators(breathing machines), Bedside Ultrasounds, Bronchoscopes and many cardiac monitoring equipment and many others.It’s important to note that Intensivists may have other specialties and come from several different backgrounds including internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology and pediatrics. Many of them have earned special certification in the field of critical care.

Critical Care Fellow

A physician that has completed his/her specialty residency program and is training to specialize in Critical care medicine.


A physician, Residents have completed medical school and are training in his/her chosen residency program. In ICU Residents may perform clinical procedures, order diagnostics and prescribe treatments.

Medical Student

Students who are training to complete medical school. In ICU a medical student will not perform any clinical procedures. No treatments will be prescribed or clinical orders carried out.