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Printing Services

Who We Are / What We Do

The Queensway Carleton Hospital Printing Services Department offers reliable professional printing services. Working with our customers we can assist them in developing the most effective solutions to their document needs.
Our Customers are not limited to only Queensway Carleton Hospital but also include Hospitals in the Ottawa area, Hospitals in the Ottawa Valley, Doctors Offices and Community Services Groups.


Digital Printing / Photocopying

We are equipped with networked high speed digital printers that allow us to provide a reliable and efficient print service to our customers.
Here are some of the many items that we can complete for you:

Full Color Printing







Tab dividers




Printing On-Demand

Digital printing is an advanced, high-speed, method of producing printed sheets directly from a computer file without the need for intermediates such as film negatives or plate making.

The advantage digital printing has over traditional printing is the ability to produce small quantities at a low price. Because of its substantially lower production costs, digital printing has steadily replaced traditional or offset printing in many markets.

With digital printing, you can reduce your print production and storage costs by 20% each year, while keeping your materials fresh and up-to-date.

  • Short-run color at competitive pricing
  • High-quality printing that rivals offset
  • On-demand faster turn-around
  • Reduce inventory expenses
  • Eliminate waste from outdated materials


Sorting and Inserting Mail

Mail is the single most dependable and consistent link to your customers. You want to make the most of it by harnessing the full power of your mailing operation by adding personalised inserts to your transactional mail, and using sophisticated direct marketing campaigns to target specific customer segments.
Maybe the volume and complexity of your mail has outgrown your current system’s capacity.
Drive professional customer communications The FastPac® DI950 Inserting System is designed to handle a wide range of mailings quickly and accurately, even when you’re doing complex applications such as multi-page statements or promotional mail with multiple inserts.
Not only does the DI950 make your customer communications more efficient, it’s versatile enough to serve many departments - marketing, accounting, human resources - that often have a wide range of mailing needs