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Additional Resources

Information on pregnancy, breastfeeding, medications, etc.

The website “Motherrisk : Treating the Mother – Protecting the Unborn” offers information on a variety of topics that you may be interested in at some point during your pregnancy or after you have your baby. If you need more information or have questions, please contact your healthcare provider.

Find out more at Motherrisk 

Parenting, early years and child development

The links below will provide you with some information on parenting and child development.

Caring for Kids  - The Canadian Paediatric Society

Immunizations and Vaccines Information  - The Government of Canada

Ontario Early Years


Keeping track of your family’s immunization records is easy using ImmunizeCA, a free mobile app for Android and iOS. Created by Immunize Canada and the Ottawa Hospital, ImmunizeCA puts your yellow card on your phone in addition to delivering accurate information on provincial schedules, how to reduce pain for your child during vaccination, allows you to schedule appointments and view outbreaks in your area. If you are using an iOS device in Ottawa, you can also report your children’s vaccinations directly through the app to Ottawa Public Health facilitated by BORN Ontario. More information on this feature of the app is available.