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Vision 2021 - QCH's Strategic Plan

Most large organizations take on the task of developing a strategic plan in order to clearly define its roadmap, or direction for the future, which then guides the planning of resources – including equipment, buildings and people – needed to pursue this strategy. QCH’s Strategic Plan – Vision 2021, clearly states short and long term goals that set our priorities into the future.

“The development of the Hospital’s Strategic Plan has been a truly collaborative effort by the entire team at QCH,” says Tom Schonberg, QCH President and CEO. “We tapped into the knowledge and expertise available to us, both internally and externally, to develop a succinct, goal-oriented direction for our future to ensure achievement of our Vision as the Hospital of Choice.”

“Knowing where we want to go, means knowing where we are starting from today and building a plan on how we will arrive at our destination.”


The confirmation of QCH’s Vision sets the overall direction for where we want to be. “We will be the community hospital of choice, recognized for our exemplary patient care, people and performance.” The environment in which we’ll bring about this Vision is framed by our Values of Accountability, Innovation and Respect.

“Through this strategic planning process, the Hospital re-affirmed the focus of its clinical programming into the foreseeable future,” says Dr. Andrew Falconer, Chief of Staff. “Those programs include Emergency, Medicine, Surgery, Acute Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Geriatrics – all areas where we have built a strong reputation of care through both our medical and support teams.”

View Vision 2021 - the QCH Strategic Plan.

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