Help is just "aTouchAway"

The aTouchAway© application (developed by AETONIX inc.) is part of QCH's Virtual Care Monitoring program. This app empowers our surgical patients to be more informed and engaged during their postoperative recovery. During the first week of being discharged home, patients can address concerns and get connected virtually with our QCH surgical nursing team from the comfort of their own homes.

We are sending invitations via email to patients from a limited number of surgical procedures to use this application, such as same-day discharge hip and knee replacements. Additional surgical procedures will be added in the future.


Surgical procedures that are part of this program have been highlighted with an asterisk on our surgical patient information webpage

How the aTouchAway© app works

The aTouchAway© app provides the patient with a post-operative questionnaire, asking questions related to your surgery and care when you have been discharged home. Depending on the answers to these questions, a notification will go to the care team and a nurse will then contact you for further information and instructions.

NOTE: This app is not a substitute for urgent or emergency medical care. If a patient has concerns about their medical condition that they feel requires immediate attention, they are asked to report to their nearest emergency department or call 911.

This app is completely private and secure. The health information provided is safe.

How do I download the aTouchAway© app?

You will receive an email from AETONIX that explains how to download the aTouchAway application. Please note: this email could potentially be in your spam folder, so please make sure to check.

When do I need to enroll in aTouchAway©?

Patients need to enroll prior to their day of surgery. To enroll, please follow the instructions provided in the AETONIX email that was sent to you prior to your day of surgery. 

The aTouchAway© app didn’t download right away. Did I do something wrong?

Downloading the aTouchAway© app takes several minutes. Please be patient as it downloads.

What if I’m having trouble navigating the aTouchAway© app?

If you’re having difficulties, please ask a family member or your POA (power of attorney) to help you navigate through the application.

I’m having technical difficulties, who can I contact for help?

AETONIX has a support email address you can utilize if you are having any technical difficulties: This email address is also available in the enrolment email you received.

Can I go back and use the aTouchAway© app later, like a few months after my surgery?

No, the app is there to support you for the selected few days immediately following your surgery. Once your recovery period has ended, it will no longer be available. Your recovery period for using the app is dependent on the type of surgery you received.

Is the aTouchAway© app replacing the Patient Portal?

No. this app is separate from the Patient Portal and is only available specifically to support you during your post-surgical recovery.

How secure is my patient information on this app?

This app is completely private and secure. The health information you provide is safe.