Queensway Carleton Hospital is committed to treating all people with respect and fostering a healthy and positive environment that respects the needs of each member of the community.


Interpretation Services:

If you are more comfortable speaking a language other than English, an interpreter can be arranged for you. QCH subscribes to Languages Service Associates, an organization that provides real time translation in almost 300 different languages via telephone. The patient and the care provider each have a handset and speak to the translator. Translators are medically accredited and bonded.


Sign language interpretation:

If you would like sign language interpretation, QCH has a Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) service for patients. Let your caregiver know prior to your appointment, if possible.


TTY phone service for the deaf, deafened and hard of hearing:

A TTY telephone unit for the hearing impaired is available for patients and staff.  You can request the unit from your healthcare provider who will check it out from our Call Centre.


Service animals and pet visitation:

Your service animal is welcome to come with you to your appointments.  If you are admitted to hospital, please inform the surgical pre-admission Nurse and the nursing unit staff in advance of to ensure that your service animal can be looked after.


Pet visitation - pets provides staff, patients and visitors an opportunity to include animals into a patient’s care while maintaining the safety of others. The hospital recognizes that pet therapy can be instrumental in the recovery of illness and will try to accommodate the requests for pet visitation and maintain quality care for all.

The hospital currently has a pet visitation program on the Geriatrics, Alternative Level of Care and Rehabilitation, and Mental Health Units.