Saving lives, one sniff at a time

June 24, 2024

Queensway Carleton Hospital has enlisted the help of Fancy – a dog specially trained to sniff out C. difficile.


C. difficile can pose a serious threat to sick or older individuals. QCH has rigorous Infection Prevention and Control measures in place to keep our patients safe. We’re battling this bacteria with stronger products, more cleaning, more education, and now, with Fancy.


Fancy can detect C. difficile with 97% accuracy. Each contamination alert will provide QCH with an opportunity to improve infection control and prevention practices, identify practice gaps and reduce the risk of transmission to patients, visitors, and staff.


Although it is practically impossible for acute care hospitals, especially larger hospitals, to have no C. difficile outbreaks, QCH’s rates have continued to decrease and remain below the provincial average, thanks to the hard work of our staff.


In the news:
Queensway Carleton Hospital welcomes dog trained at sniffing out C. difficile
Peter Szperling, CTV News Ottawa