How can you help? 

Thank you for your support of the Queensway Carleton Hospital and wanting to help. Our community has been quite generous, and we appreciate everyone who is reaching out with their offers.


Cash donations

Now more than ever our hospital needs you. Your thoughtful contributions enable us to treat our patients with the best care — during natural disasters, accidents, acute and long-term illnesses and now for the COVID-19 virus. Your financial support will ensure our healthcare teams continue to have the equipment and tools they need to care for you, your family, friends, neighbours and our entire community, should you need us. For more information on what your donation will go towards, please visit the Foundation COVID-19 page.

Donate here

Food Donations

In order to ensure best practice and ensured safety of our staff, at this time QCH cannot accept food donations. We appreciate each and every donation you wish to provide to feed our staff. Thank you for your support.