How can you help? 

Thank you for your support of the Queensway Carleton Hospital and wanting to help. Our community has been quite generous, and we appreciate everyone who is reaching out with their offers.

Product Donations

We are very grateful to those in our community who have offered to donate Personal Protection Equipment to the hospital. Any businesses or residents in the area who would like to donate PPE to help protect our healthcare frontline workers are welcome to.


Items that can be donated include: 

  • N95 masks
  • Surgical masks
  • Gloves
  • Face shields
  • Safety glasses
  • Protective gowns
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hazmat suits

Please note that products must be sealed in their original packaging.

If you are wishing to donate items that are not listed above, we thank you for your generosity however we cannot accept them. This includes any homemade/crafted items. Please consider a donation of cash to our Foundation – more information on this below.

How to drop-off your product donation:

  • We will be accepting donations at the WEST Entrance of the Hospital ONLY from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7am and 5pm. We do not accept donations on the weekends, or statutory holidays.
  • Staff will meet you at the door and provide a cart with which you can load your donation.
  • Due to Infection Control concerns, you will not be allowed into the Hospital.


Cash donations

Now more than ever our hospital needs you. Your thoughtful contributions enable us to treat our patients with the best care — during natural disasters, accidents, acute and long-term illnesses and now for the COVID-19 virus. Your financial support will ensure our healthcare teams continue to have the equipment and tools they need to care for you, your family, friends, neighbours and our entire community, should you need us. For more information on what your donation will go towards, please visit the Foundation COVID-19 page.

Donate here

Food Donations

In order to ensure best practice and ensured safety of our staff, the following food donations can be accepted during this time to help feed the frontline staff:

  • Prepackaged, dry, bulk snack items
    • Individually wrapped foods/snacks that come prepackaged in boxes or larger protective bags
    • i.e. chocolate covered fruit snacks, granola bars, protein bars, personal sized chip bags, snap pea crisps, popcorn, crackers, cookies, dry soup cups, seaweed snacks, etc.
  • Premade or prepared food (prepared in a publicly inspected facility that has been inspected within the last 6 months with no more than 2 non-critical infractions and 0 critical infractions) that can be donated to be cooked/reheated in our facility and individually portioned out by our staff
    • Large pans of pasta (i.e. lasagna, manicotti), casserole dishes (i.e. Sheppard’s pie, chicken parmesan), pizzas, etc.
  • Individually bottled drinks
    • Bottles of sports drinks, coffees, teas, pop/soda, water, juice, etc.

At this time QCH cannot accept home-cooked meals. We also cannot accept items that require long-term refrigeration. We appreciate each and every donation you wish to provide to feed our staff, however if you are considering donating, these guidelines outline the best way you can do so at this time. Thank you for your support.

Donating to Hospitals in Ottawa 

In response to these donation offers, the hospitals have come together and created a regional PPE program If you have donations, you can learn more at this website. Your donations will be assessed and then distributed to QCH and the other hospitals in the Champlain region when we need them.