Patient getting their knee assessed

The Champlain Region now has a centralized intake system for the following musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions: foot and ankle; knee (both arthroscopy and replacement); hip replacement; shoulder; and spine. Spine is divided into two distinct programs: i) LBP-RAC (Low Back Pain Rapid Access Clinic) for acute low back pain, and ii) intake and triage for all other problems with the spine which might require a surgical consultation. More information on ISAEC can be found on the Champlain MSK care website or at ISAEC website.

The Champlain MSK care program seeks to improve access to timely services for musculoskeletal treatment utilizing a regional central intake referral service. Referrals should be sent directly to the regional central intake centre, rather than to individual orthopaedic Surgeon offices. All referrals within the Champlain region for the conditions listed above should be sent to the Central Intake Centre (CIC) located at Queensway Carleton Hospital.

Referrals for potential hip or knee replacement will be sent to one of five Rapid Access Clinics (RACs) for assessment by a specially trained physiotherapist or nurse. The RACs are located at Cornwall Community Hospital, Hopital Montfort, The Ottawa Hospital (Civic), The Queensway Carleton Hospital and Pembroke Regional Hospital. Referrals are sent to the RAC located closest to the patient’s home address. Patients who are not going on to see a surgeon, will be educated on conservative management options – eg. weight loss, physiotherapy, medications, injections. Patients who are surgical candidates will be offered a choice of surgeon based on patient preference, wait times or first available within the region.

Referrals for other conditions: foot and ankle, shoulder, spine and knee arthroscopy will be triaged at the CIC and sent to a surgeon based on patient preference, location, skill set and wait times.

For more information please call the Central Intake Centre at (613) 721-7890 or 613-721-2000 x 7886 or visit our website. Referral forms can be obtained at Champlain MSK care and should be faxed to (613) 721-7889 or sent by Ocean referral.


To help prepare you for your surgery, please click on the appropriate links below to watch the videos prior to your Prehab appointment.


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