Pulmonary Function Testing is performed to assess lung function and gas exchange. A variety of breathing maneuvers are performed with the coaching of a Respiratory Therapist. A Bronchial Provocation Test is performed to assess the sensitivity of your airways.

To book a Pulmonary Function Test or Bronchial Provocation Test have your Doctor fax this requisition to our Patient Scheduling Department and you will be called for an appointment shortly.

Cardiopulmonary requisition

What to expect:

  • Avoid taking your inhaler for four hours prior to the test.
  • Bring all your inhalers that you are currently using.
  • If at all possible please refrain from using nail polish.
  • If you have had recent eye surgery/procedure, please consult your eye specialist to confirm whether or not this test can be performed.


For more information:
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The Lung Association