Spiritual and Religious Care 

Spirituality is an integral component of healing. Spiritual health is a source of coping, inner strength, peace, hope and comfort in times of distress. Hospital admissions may lead to spiritual distress for a variety of reasons. Addressing this distress can contribute to a greater scene of wholeness and wellness. Spiritual care not only supports patients in their spiritual distress; but also journeys with patients during times of consolation and peace.


Members of the Spiritual and Religious Care Team are professionally trained chaplains, and spiritual care providers, who offer multi-faith care in a clinical setting.

Contacting Spiritual Care

A Spiritual Care staff member is available on-call 24 hours a day seven days a week. A Roman Catholic Priest is available five days a week excluding Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Please contact the QCH switchboard for after-hour emergencies.

Spiritual and Religious Care Services

    • Assessment of spiritual needs and concerns
    • Spiritual support and counsel
    • Assistance in contacting faith group leaders
    • Arranging end of life rituals and sacraments
    • Support during times of crisis and trauma
    • Support in decision making
    • Exploration of options for reconciliation
    • Assistance in the grieving and bereavement process
    • Offering prayer/meditation as means of support, and resilience
    • A Sacred Space for prayer, meditation, or reflection

Sacred Space at QCH

Queensway Carleton Hospital offers patients, family members, and visitors a Sacred Space for prayer, meditation, or reflection. It is located on the first floor, past the QCH Gift Box.


QCH Sacred Space entrance QCH Sacred Space