As part of Queensway Carleton Hospital's Geriatric Program and Seniors Friendly Hospital Initiative, healthcare professionals have developed a guide to help you or a loved one reduce the risk of falls and thereby preventing serious injuries.

A Guide to Preventing Falls is one tool to help keep our loved ones independent and safe from injury.


Tips for Avoiding Falls


  • Use your call bell if you feel weak, dizzy, or need help getting up.
  • Use your waling aid.
  • Always wear non-skid socks or shoes for walking.
  • Never lean on items with wheels. They may roll away!
  • Over-the-bed table.
  • Walkers/wheelchairs without brakes on.
  • Pictograms describe your date transfer and are updated when necessary.


  • Ask the team for support or instructions before transferring your loved one.
  • Ring for help if your loved one has a care need.
  • When leaving, ensure walking aids and call bells are within reach and bed at lowest position.
  • Let staff know when spills happen so we can wipe them up right away.
  • Remove clutter. Reduce tripping hazards!