QCH has two Sub-Acute Units, also know as Alternate Level of Care (ALC). The offsite unit is a 56-bed unit across two floors, where as our onsite unit supports 12 beds. Once patients are identified as Alternate Level of Care, they may be transferred to either of the ALC Units. Alternate Level of Care is a clinical decision that is made by your physician and health care team that you no longer need the treatment or services provided in acute care.

We offer care, support, and assistance with discharge planning to patients who are medically stable. In most cases, when you are transferred to the ALC Unit, discharge planning has already been started and we will continue to work on a safe plan that meets your care needs.


Our goal is to help maintain or improve your ability to do your normal daily activities, and to help you emotionally and physically prepare to move to the level of care that is best suited to the patients needs.

The team consists of Nurses (including a Nurse Practitioner), Patient Care Aides, Security, Occupational Therapists, Physicians, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Pharmacists, Recreologists, Behavioral Therapists, Spiritual Care, Administration, and Volunteers.