Visiting the ICU

Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) visiting hours are expanded 24/7 hours for patient’s designated Care Partners. As a patient and family centered hospital, the 24/7 visitor hours are intended to encourage and support on-going presence for up to two (2) designated individuals, Care Partners, at the patient’s bedside with the exception of the Intensive Care Unit, Day Care Surgery Unit and Post Anesthesia Care Unit where space and the nature of the care limits this to one Care Partners. Care Partners are welcome to remain at the patient’s bedside 24 hours a day, according to a patient’s preference and may change daily as needed by the patient. Please remember that while care partners may stay at patients bedside for 24 hrs/day, care partners must take care of themselves and may call the ICU nursing station for updates as needed.

QCH recognizes the difference between Care Partners and visiting well-wishers and has collaborated with its Patient and Family Advisory Council, a group of dedicated volunteers with personal health care experiences at QCH, regarding the new visitor policy to ensure that it reflects patients’ and families’ needs.


We request that visitors be respectful of patients needs for treatment, therapies and require periods of rest to recover from their illness.The ICU environment can be very tiring for the patient due to a combination of factors. Rest plays an important part in the recovery of your family member and we ask your cooperation and understanding in the following hours and restrictions.

Visiting Hours in the ICU

One Care Partner is encouraged to stay at the patient’s bedside and may stay 24 hours a day. Please communicate the name of the Care Partner to the ICU team. Care Partners and family are encouraged to attend multidisciplinary rounds from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. each day but visitors may be limited during this time.

Visitors may visit any day between 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. The ICU may limit visitors at the bedside depending on the time of day, patient condition, or request by family. For occupational and infection control reasons, flowers and plants are not permitted in the ICU.

Visiting Tips

If you have had a cold or gastrointestinal bug within the last 3-4 days, you are asked to stay at home and refrain from visiting patients for their protection. Please clean your hands and follow hand hygiene instructions when entering the hospital and a patient room.


Please ensure children are supervised and are prepared to be in a medical setting. Consider having the children send their get well message with the designated visitor. Floral arrangements or fruit baskets may not be appropriate for certain patients. It is often appropriate to check with the nursing unit first.

Helping with daily care:

Friends and family play an important role in patient care. Please speak to a member of the healthcare team about how you can help care for your loved one. Some examples of how you can help include:

  • Helping to bath
  • Combing their hair
  • Brushing their teeth
  • Assisting with leg and arm exercises
  • Having a conversation, listening to music, sharing a story or watching TV

Being present at rounds:

Every day, the healthcare team talks about your progress and care plan moving forward, these meetings are called rounds. If the patient or Substitute decision maker or power of attorney (POA) provides their consent (agrees), we welcome family to attend rounds.


During rounds you have a chance to:

  • Share important information with the team.
  • Hear a quick update about your loved ones condition.
  • Ask questions


The hospital's cafeteria is located on Level 1 of the Main Building. Breakfast and lunch are available Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.