Labour Birthing Rooms

labour birthing room 

There are eight private birthing rooms located in the Birth Unit where you will labour and give birth to your baby for a vaginal delivery. In addition to your partner, you may include two additional support people in the room. The room is designed with a home-like feel, but it is fully equipped for a normal vaginal delivery. Oak cupboards at the head of the bed contain oxygen and suction equipment. The electric beds are adjustable and your care team will assist you in finding the best possible position for the delivery of your baby. At the time of the delivery, the bottom portion of the bed may be removed so that the Physician or midwife can assist you better to deliver your baby. In the corner of the room there is a full set up for immediate care of your newborn if necessary. Your baby will be placed 'skin to skin' with you. Your partner may choose to cut the umbilical cord at that time. After delivery of the baby, you stay in the LBR for up to two hours before being transferred to your room on the Mother/Baby Unit.