Outpatient Clinics

Patient being welcomed at Childbirth Program 

The Childbirth unit offers out-patient clinics for women who may need access to additional health care services during their pregnancy. The Maternity Assessment Clinic is for patients before the birth of their baby. You can be referred to this clinic by your Physician or by yourself for medical, social issues or other concerns. You can meet privately with a Registered Nurse. If you have a scheduled Caesarean Birth, you will meet here with a clinic nurse a day or two before the birth. The Registered Nurse will provide you with information and pre-op assessment and testing. This is also one of two locations for receiving Rhogam injections at around 28 weeks gestation if your blood type is Rh negative.

After your baby's birth, the breastfeeding clinic is available to you for up to 3 weeks. The clinic is open six days a week, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM by appointment and the Registered Nurse is there to support you in breastfeeding and to help you address any other concerns you have about your newborn or yourself.