Security Measures

baby with electronic security tag 

General Security

Expect all health care providers to introduce themselves and to have proper identification: a Hospital identification badge with the staff member's picture on it. Do not allow anyone who does not have this identification badge to take your baby and let your nurse know immediately if you have any concerns.

Never leave your baby unattended. Plan to have your shower when your partner or a visitor is in the room so that they can watch your baby. If this is not possible, let your nurse know in order to make alternate arrangements. Keep the door to your room closed whenever possible. If you do not want visitors, you can use the 'Please Do Not Disturb' sign on the door to your room.

For the purpose of providing a more secure environment, access to the Childbirth Unit is controlled at all times

Committed to safety and security

The Childbirth Program at Queensway Carleton Hospital is committed to ensuring the safety of you and your baby. Shortly after your baby is delivered, he or she will have two identification bands placed on a wrist and an ankle. The information and numbers on these bands will match the information and numbers on the bands given to you and your partner to wear. This is to ensure that you and your baby can be correctly matched if you are separated for any reason.

A second way we make sure your baby is safe is by placing an electronic security tag on one of your baby's ankles. Once activated this security tag will activate an alarm if the baby leaves the designated areas within the Unit. Look for the red dots on the floor to know the boundaries.

It is important that you and your partner leave these identification bands on yourselves and your baby, as well as the baby security tag, while in the hospital.