Nursing Bedside Shift Report

Be a partner in your healthcare

What is Nurse Bedside Shift Report?

Bedside Shift Report occurs when the Nurses going off and coming on duty meet by your bedside to talk about your care and safety. It should take about five minutes, and does not replace the conversations you have with your Doctor or care team.

When does Nurse Bedside Shift Report occur?

Bedside Shift Report happens on each unit every day between 7:15 -7:45 am and 7:15-7:45 pm. It may also occur at other times during the day, such at 3:30 pm or 11:30 pm.

Can I participate in Bedside Shift Report?

Yes! You can also invite a family member or care partner to take part with you. This gives you a chance to meet the Nurse taking over your care, ask questions, and share important information with your Nurses. If you would rather not participate and you would like the Nurses do report outside your room, please notify your Nurse.

What should I expect during Bedside Shift Report?

Your Nurses will talk with you about your health and the reason you are in the hospital, check the medications you are taking, discuss your goals for the shift, encourage you to ask questions and discuss your concerns.

What should I do?

Listen, speak up, and ask questions if something is confusing. Your Nurse may come back to spend more time discussing your concerns.