Care provided to your baby immediately after delivery

Immediately following the birth of your baby, and if baby is doing well, your baby will be placed skin-to-skin on your tummy or chest. Placing baby skin-to-skin with you will help baby adjust to being outside of the uterus, promote bonding between you and baby and will help regulate baby's temperature.

If there are no problems with baby, the Nurse present to care for baby will be able to do any baby assessments needed while baby is skin-to-skin with you.

If there are any issues with baby at delivery, the baby will be taken to a bed with an over-head warmer for a more thorough assessment and care. This immediate care, when needed, is done right in the room with you and your partner present.

Your baby will be assessed from head-to-toe, have his or her weight taken and receive the needed medications (Vitamin K and Erythromycin) that are routinely given to newborn to babies. An injection of Vitamin K is given to help with blood clotting and Erythromycin eye ointment is given in each eye to prevent the risk of any infection that could occur from passing through the birth canal.

If you have chosen to, you will be offered help with breastfeeding as soon as possible after the delivery of your baby. The early initiation of breast feeding helps with the bonding between you and your baby.