Childbirth Program out-patient resources after discharge

The Childbirth Program at Queensway Carleton Hospital is able to provide you with support after you and your baby are discharged from the hospital. You may be referred to one or both of these clinics by your Nurse or healthcare provider. These out-patient resources include:

  • Out-Patient Breastfeeding Follow-up Clinic: This clinic provides care and services to moms and babies delivered at the Childbirth Centre and can be accessed for up to three weeks after discharge from the hospital. In this clinic you can access the support of a Lactation Consultant for breastfeeding and have your baby weighed. Drop-in schedule: 7 days a week (incl. statutory holidays), 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm. No appointment required.
  • Jaundice Out-Patient Clinic (JOPC): This clinic provides follow-up care for newborns with jaundice or babies that may need an assessment by a healthcare provider. You may be referred to this clinic prior to your baby’s discharge. You will be given information about the clinic and an appointment time for the following day.
  • Ottawa Public Health and Healthy Babies, Healthy Children: The Ottawa Public Health Department offers a variety of programs and services that will help you with breastfeeding and the well-being of your newborn to early childhood support.


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